T1 Race WIX Oil Filter Adapter

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FITS K-Series, B-Series, S2000, and H22

We have taken a great GTR product from T1 Race Development and made the necessary modifications to their product to fit our Honda engines.

The OEM and equivalent size oil filters are designed for light weight oil.  As the viscosity increases, which is common in high-performance rebuilds (4P engines are spec’d for 10W40 or 20w50 oil depending on the application), the factory filter begins to become a restriction to the thicker oil.

Most filters have a bypass that opens around 10psi differential oil pressure.  What this means is when the pressure on the inlet side of the filter becomes 10psi higher than the pressure on the outlet side of the filter, the bypass opens and you get unfiltered oil passing into the engine.   This is bad for obvious reasons.

The WIX Racing filters are designed for thicker racing oils and higher oil flow rates (which comes with increased RPM).  While their filtration spec isn’t quite as good, ~60 micron vs ~ 35 micron, all of your oil is being filtered.   60 micron is better than no filtration!  The Racing filter flows 28gpm, where the XP version flows 9-11gpm.
The increased surface area, and increased flow capability of the racing filters ensures less pressure drop across the filter (which equals more oil pressure at the engine), and in the case of the recommended 51060R WIX Racing filter, there is no bypass, so 100% of the oil is filtered 100% of the time.

For those that do more street driving than track driving, the WIX 51060XP filter is a good option.  The higher than average bypass setting of 15psi, and increased surface area, will result in little if any bypass as long as the filter is in good condition, as flow will reduce as the filter gains contaminants stored.

The GT1R Oil Filter adaptor includes the conversion base, threaded filter boss adaptor, and a WIX oil filter of your choice.   The threaded filter adaptor is female on the OE side, and has a retaining clip to keep it together with the conversion base.   Once installed, the base and threaded adaptor will remain on the engine during oil changes, making it a simple on/off filter change for oil changes.