Skunk2 BMF Camshafts (K-Series)

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BMF camshafts are designed to optimize top-end horsepower and torque, with peak power moved up the RPM band. No other line of racing camshafts even comes close to Skunk2’s BMF camshafts. Best camshafts for all out racing effort. Skunk2 camshafts deliver unparalleled results throughout the powerband as a result of our extensive development and testing. Skunk2 camshafts designs are the direct result of our years of drag racing and road racing efforts. In addition to each Skunk2 project car and race vehicle, the world’s top road racing and drag racing teams have relied on Skunk2 camshafts for years.

BMF - High Compression Race Engine 2.4L - 2.8L 400+hp.