4 Piston Skunk2 K24 Billet Timing Chain Cover

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Introducing the 4 Piston Racing / Skunk2 Racing collaboration Billet Timing Chain cover.  Ever since Skunk2 released these we have loved to use them on our engines.  They look great and they make life easy on the dyno and at the racetrack when servicing your engine.  This is a product that Skunk2 innovated, and others have copied.  We like to honor and respect someone's innovation, so we collaborated with Skunk2 on this cover so that your Billet Side cover can say 4 Piston Racing and have a 4P tensioner cover.  Some of the new features include a built-in lower chain guide and an o-ring seal between the top and bottom sections.

Introduced over a decade ago, the Skunk2 is ‘The Original’ K-Series Billet Timing Chain Cover. Each cover is CNC machined from billet 6061 aluminum and features a two-piece design which facilitates easy timing gear access and cylinder head removal. The multi-piece design allows each cover to easily be surfaced to fit engines with reduced head and deck heights. The interface between the upper and lower covers is sealed using an O-ring gasket set in a machined groove.

The Skunk2 Timing Chain Cover features an oversized access door for easy timing chain tensioner access, as well as an integrated chain-guide that prevents the chain from jumping teeth and losing its index position when cams or the head is removed. Additionally, the Skunk2 timing chain cover is 14% (10oz) lighter in weight than the OE timing cover.


  • CNC Machined from 6061 Aluminum Billet
  • 2-Piece Modular Design for Quick and Easy Access
  • 14% Weight Savings over OEM Cover
  • Timing Chain Guide Integrated into the Design
  • Oversized Timing Chain Tensioner Access Door
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware Included
  • OEM Fitment; No Modifications Required