Penske FWD Drag Racing Shock EG/EK/DC

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Now you can run the same shocks that move the world record holding 4P Race Cars down the track with authority. Penske Racing Shocks is the world leader in custom damper applications. We supply many clients around the world with the highest quality components, most innovative thinking and design, and best technical support.

This is for 2 front shocks, available with optional billet top hats for installation into EG/EK Honda Civic and DC Integra drag race applications. Cut those 60 foot and 330 foot times down with our custom valving!

All Penske Racing Shocks are provided with a dyno graph for every new service. Processional race teams always validate their suspension's performance with a dyno graph, and so do we. Other shock suppliers may be reluctant to document their work with a dyno graph, but with Penske Racing Shocks you can rest assured that we will always provide you with an "Assurance of Quality" for your shocks.