Ferrea Roller Rocker and Valve Spring Kit KT4038 - K20C1

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The Ferrea Roller Rocker kit will eliminate the VTEC function on your exhaust cam, and replace the OEM intake rocker with the Ferrea rocker arm. The Ferrea valve spring kit uses a high quality PAC spring Made in the USA. It increases the seat pressure and open pressure to help control valve bounce and will allow safe operation up to and beyond 9000 rpm. This is especially critical in the event of a missed gear or mechanical over rev. We recommend this for experienced engine builders.

This kit includes the rocker arms, valve spring, ti retainers, spring seats, and valve locks.


RR1006 - 8
S10166- 16
E11142- 16
SL1154- 8
SL1153- 8
K10116- 16