K24-K450 REAPER 2.5L Complete Engine - DRAG RACE *2024 spec*

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The updates for the 2024 REAPER are extensive and increase the operating range and power output substantially.  New for 2024 is a 4P exclusive Forged Lightweight 99.9mm Crankshaft, lighter and more rigid piston spec, and updated camshaft.  Our previous spec has produced a large gap to the competition, and this new engine will further open that gap. Class wins and record ETs from multiple teams with different chassis, ECUs, and tuners speaks volumes to our engine program's capability.  Whether you are racing in our traditional All Motor Class, a Comp Eliminator Dragster, or any other type of chassis, this 2.5L REAPER engine is a top performer.  

Some key updated features include.

  • 4P REAPER CNC Cylinder Head in the 4P Race Casting
  • 4P Extreme Race 1-piece Chain Guides
  • Trend rocker shafts
  • 4P low tension oil seals
  • Lighter weight and lower friction rotating assembly 
  • 4P Exclusive Forged 99.9mm lightweight crankshaft 
  • Updated top end components for maximum output
  • 4P 9qt Oil System and Baffled Sump
  • Race Treatments during assembly for maximum efficiency
  • 4P Baffled Valve Cover with -AN Bungs

The 4 Piston Racing REAPER Drag Race Engine is specifically designed to put you at the top of the class when racing within the "99mm Stroke" weight rules, or in any series. This engine is a "no-compromises" approach using the highest quality components available, starting with a rigid 4P ductile iron sleeve and our durable 340 gram aluminum rod. This is connected to a strutted ultra lightweight 15:1+ compression 260 gram anodized piston with tool steel wrist pin. The piston and ring package are specifically designed for this engine to provide superior ring seal for maximum compression and lowest friction possible. Air and fuel move through this engine via our latest "REAPER" CNC Cylinder Head using the new 4P Race casting and exclusive billet camshaft. We are on the cutting edge of 4 valve cylinder head technology and you will not find similar performance in any other cylinder head. Our unique design allows these engines to peak and carry hundreds of RPM beyond the competition, all while retaining the bottom end punch for excellent acceleration through the early part of the track. The super alloy valves are controlled by the infamous 4P Pro Stock valve spring...often copied by others however not duplicated in wire purity.  This spring produces high rpm power that is lost in other valve springs.  With 4P you aren't just investing in a top competitor, you are investing in a customer support system and an engine program that you can depend on for race wins.  

  • 4P rigid ductile iron sleeve Honda K20 or K24 engine block 99mm stroke x 90mm bore
  • 4P GRP aluminum 340 gram pro stock connecting rod
  • 4P Wiseco strutted box forge ultra lightweight piston, 90mm, 15:1 compression
  • ACL race bearings, ARP fasteners, exclusive 4P spec head gasket for better seal
  • 4P Reaper CNC race cylinder head, 4P custom valves, 4P PSI Pro Stock valve springs, Ferrea locks 
  • 4P Exclusive Billet Camshaft
  • 4P Ported oil pump and 9 qt 4P Oil pan Standard
  • 4P Extreme Race Timing Chain Guides and Treated Chain
  • Complete engine valve cover to oil pan
  • Meticulously assembled and documented
  • 9.2 and 147 mph proven on M1 in All Motor, in multiple cars by multiple teams
  • This 2.5L will outperform 2.7L engines from other builders.  Read that again.

Recommended Use

  • Drag Race
  • Dedicated Grudge Race / Street Race
  • M1 or Pure Methanol Race fuel required
  • 4P Spec Kinsler ITB, 4P Carbon Airbox and Myers 4P Spec Header recommended for optimal results

LIMITED PRODUCTION:  Production of these engines will be limited to 10 for 2024.  A 50% deposit gets you a spot in line for production and reserves your name as 1 of the 10.  Get your deposit in so that you are prepared for the 2024/2025 Season.


Email Luke@team4piston.com for a shipping quote and lead time.  We ship worldwide. These are built to order.