K20C1 Sleeved Type R Short Block

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4 Piston Racing Short block assembly:

  • Chamfer and debur all sharp edges and oil galleys, chamfer bearing housings and bottom of cylinder bore
  • High pressure thorough cleaning of oil galleys in block and crankshaft
  • Mic pistons and verify straight bore with precision Sunnen bore gauge, set piston to wall clearance for your application
  • Set ring gap for specific application
  • Balance rotating assembly
  • Set bearing clearances
  • Race preparation and debur to piston dome
  • Precision assembly in clean room

We build each engine to suit individual racing application... Drag race, road race, hill climb, street use, etc.


  • Heavy Duty Ductile Iron Sleeve Block - Diamond honed with torque plate for straightness.
  • Copper O-Ring**
  • OEM Honda Crank - OEM Forged Honda Crankshaft.
  • 4P I-Beam Connecting Rods
  • 4P Wiseco Piston - 86mm bore, custom 88mm available
  • ACL Race Bearings