K20-KT1000 2.1L Complete Engine - Turbo Street Engine

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  • RR Sleeve rigid ductile iron sleeve with o-ring
  • Manley Turbo Tuff I-Beam or Saenz Turbo I-beam connecting rod (your choice)
  • Wiseco Extreme Duty Piston with tool steel wrist pin
  • ACL race bearings, ARP fastenters, exclusive 4P spec head gasket for better seal
  • 4P Pro TSX CNC Cylinder Head with Ferrea super alloy plus valves, valve springs, retainers, and locks (Pro 156v2 if needing to use K20 water neck arrangement)
  • 4P tool steel billet Outlaw Turbo iVTEC camshafts and adjustable cam gears
  • 4P Ported oil pump and baffled sump
  • All new Honda timing components and hardware
  • Complete engine valve cover to oil pan
  • Meticulously assembled and supplied with detailed build sheets

Recommended Use

  • Daily driven street
  • Road race and Time Attack
  • Drag Race
  • Available for K20 and K24

Features and Benefits

  • Startup Warranty 
  • Ductile Iron Sleeve for improved rigidity and an increase in displacement
  • Premium Valvetrain Components for Extended Durability
  • Precision Machined CNC Cylinder Head Designed for use throughout the powerband
  • Meticulously Assembled - Supplied with full engine specifications and tolerances
  • Recommend periodic maintenance procedures

When you purchase a 4 Piston Racing complete engine, you aren't just buying any run-of-the-mill engine package. You are investing in a fully developed and tested engine program that is designed not only for maximum power output, but also for maximum durability. Our engines are meticulously assembled with a great deal of pride in a clean environment, using the only the finest calibrated tools and by engine builders who specialize in performance racing applications.

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