Ferrea 6000 Series Competition Valves (H-Series)

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Ferrea Valves, the world’s leading manufacturer of racing valves, introduces the Sport Compact market into the already race-proven Ferrea 6000 Series Competition Valves. This Ferrea Valves Series is designed to provide excellent reliability in an environment of high RPM and high spring pressures, at a budget price. These valves have higher fatigue resistance and tensile strengths than our competitor’s best offering.

The 6000 Series Competition Valves are specially designed for street, drag and rally racing applications. To manufacture the valves we use our exclusive two-step slow-forging process applied to the special alloys selected to suit intake and exhaust applications. We provide a unique heat-treatment and stress-relieving process, along with hard chrome stems and friction-welded hard tips.

We finish the valves with a swirl-polished head. Ferrea Valves feature flow improvements to deliver the power needed for today’s sophisticated Sport Compact racing engines.