4P K20C1 Ported High Flow Oil Pump

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The 4P Ported High Flow Oil Pump for your K20C1 Type R, Accord, or Integra has been carefully developed after years of on-track development in 4P K20C1 racing engines.  Engines for racing applications are built with different tolerances and operated at high temperature under full load.  RPM capabilities are increased dramatically in 4P race engines and the need for a better performing oil system is critical.  These changes in the operating environment and how the engines are assembled require the oil pump to flow much better than OEM to maintain the pressures required to protect your engine.

The 4P oil pump increases the flow rate by more than 10% and eliminates cavitation and aeration in your oil as you begin to increase your engine speed beyond 8000 rpm.

These pumps are great for your track day car, dedicated street car, and are perfectly suitable for your everyday street car.  This part is cheap insurance to protect your multi-thousand dollar investment.  You can depend on the 4P name and our relentless pursuit to produce the world's best engines.  We bring decades of experience in perfecting Honda oiling systems as seen with our world renowned K20 and B-Series oil systems that have allowed racers to maintain oil pressure to beyond 12,000 rpm without cavitation and while maintaining constant pressure through the entire RPM range.  That same expertise has been applied to our K20C1 Ported High Flow pump in our racing engines since their release and is now available to everyone.

-K20C Type R
-K20C Accord
-K20C Integra
-Upgrade for Honda TC and TCR