FK8 Civic Type R Clutch Masters FX725 Twin Disc Clutch Kit (lightweight flywheel included)

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This clutch and lightweight flywheel kit will drastically increase the ability to hold big power in your Civic Type R, but without making normal driving a pain to deal with. Conventional single plate clutches with aggressive discs and stiffer pressure plates become an ON/OFF switch, and while they have more clamping force, they also are not comfortable to drive in normal conditions. The CM twin disc will have tremendous ability to hold power, and with the use of the hydraulic release bearing, it will be very tame to drive around town.

Clutch Masters Twin Disc systems are pure racing technology that also works well in high performance street applications that will be used on the street on rare occasions. They are designed to hold tremendous horsepower and torque ratings, while being reasonable to operate on the track. By increasing the clamping force of the pressure plate and adding to the square inches of usable disc area, CM Twin Discs significantly increase clamping values with an average of 50% increase in pedal pressure depending on the application. The cover assembly is machined from billet aluminum with 25% more tensile strength than the competition’s cast unit.

725 SERIES – (7.25” Twin Disc)
The 725 series is a smaller diameter assembly, which creates less rotating mass and offering quicker, and smoother shifting with much better throttle response, ideal for Drag racing and Endurance Applications.

Lightweight Flywheel included