B-Series 2.3L All Motor RACE Short Block

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4 Piston Racing Short block assembly:

  • Chamfer and debur all sharp edges and oil galleys, chamfer bearing housings and bottom of cylinder bore
  • High pressure thorough cleaning of oil galleys in block and crankshaft
  • Mic pistons and verify straight bore with precision Sunnen bore gauge, set piston to wall clearance for your application
  • Set ring gap for specific application
  • Balance rotating assembly
  • Set bearing clearances
  • Race preparation and debur to piston dome
  • Precision assembly in clean room

We build each engine to suit individual racing application... Drag race, road race, hill climb, street use, etc.


  • Sleeved Block - LA Sleeves rigid design that cuts less of the block away and keeps cylinders from moving over time.
  • Billet 98mm Crank - Billet 98mm Crankshaft
  • GRP Aluminum Pro Stock Rods - 330 gram Ultra Light weight, long rod setup. 
  • 4P Wiseco Pro Stock Pistons - Ultra Lightweight 255 Gram 4P Pistons with tool steel wrist pins.
  • ACL Race Bearings


  • 4P Custom Steel Connecting Rod - Strong long lasting design (6 week lead time, made to order)
  • GRP Solid Beam Rod - Recommended for Nitromethane enhanced fuels
  • Ported GSR Oil Pump - The OEM GSR pump works great for motors that turn up to 9000 rpm. Past that, the pump can cavitate. We modify brand new OEM pumps for use up to 11,000 rpm.