L19 Extreme Duty Head Studs

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SpeedFactory Racing Extreme Duty L19 Head Stud Kit for Honda/Acura B & K Series (B18C1, B18C5, B20VTEC, LSVTEC, K20, K24)

This Kit was designed for hardcore drag racers running high boost levels that need more clamping force and tensile strength than the typical 8740 chromoly studs on the market. If you are looking for the best option, you've found it as these are 25% stronger than any other available off the shelf Head Stud Kit for your Honda/Acura!

These studs are manufactured specifically for us by ARP and utilize an L19 material that is much stronger than the typical 8740 chromoly and yields a tensile strength of 240-260,000 psi. They are also provisioned with a hex broach on the top of the stud for ease of installation and enabling you to install them with the cylinder head on the car if necessary.

What makes these head studs better than the competition?

Initially these might look just like other ARP and A1 Technologies head studs available on the market, but that isn't the case.

Superior L19 Alloy steel, much stronger than the typical 8740 chromoly. Achieve higher clamp loads of 240,000-260,000 psi as opposed to the competitions 190,000-210,000 psi rating. Hex broach on the top of the stud for ease of installation. No Modification to your cylinder head or block is required as these are a direct drop-in replacement for the OEM head studs. Recommended for applications boosting higher than 30 PSI.

·Each kit includes a complete set of L19 head studs, nuts, washers and ARP Assembly Lubricant.