4 Piston Wiseco Pro Stock Pistons (K-Series)

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Note: 4 to 6 weeks lead time on all custom pistons.

4 Piston Wiseco Pro Stock Pistons

The Wiseco 4P Pro Stock pistons can be used in drag racing or endurance road racing.  These are extremely lightweight, but rigid with their strutted box forging providing a great ring seal despite their short skirt.  This piston allows you to run a long rod with its raised 18mm tool steel wrist pin.  This is a 3 ring piston.  Weight varies from 255 grams to 280 grams depending on the bore size.  Calculate your compression based on a 9.5cc dome.

Bore sizes range from 86mm up to 90.5mm.

DLC Wrist pins are recommended for dry sump oil system engines that pull more than 14 in of vacuum.  They are not required in applications that don't.

Hard Annodizing is useful in very high heat applications, but in most cases it is not required.