4P Diamond Claw Crank Lock

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4P Diamond Claw® flywheel surface lock helps to prevent flywheel bolts from backing out of the crankshaft in high rpm applications where vibrations and harmonics often cause welding of the flywheel to the crank. In the event that the flywheel does become loose and start to vibrate against the crank, this surface lock can help to protect the crank and prevent damage.

Diamond Claw® Surface Locks have successfully eliminated fretting (surface welding) in every application they have been used in. With an installed thickness of .008 inch, a Diamond Claw® will not affect driveline alignment. Diamond Claw® locks consist of precisely sized CBN (diamond) particles that are plated onto proprietary fatigue resistant steel. The uniformity of both diamond particle spacing and overall thickness insured complete contact across the entire Diamond Claw® surface. Diamond with an exceptional hardness of 10,000 Vickers are held within a plating matrix of 950 Vickers. This combination of extreme hardness and toughness allow Diamond Claws® to penetrate surfaces hardened to Hrc 65.