K24-K360 2.5L Complete Engine - STREET PERFORMANCE

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The 4 Piston Racing K360 Crate Engine takes a big step forward over the K340 with rigid ductile iron sleeves and a larger bore for increased displacement and another 20hp. It provides the ultimate performance and reliability for your street car. This 2.5L Naturally Aspirated engine offers a smooth idle and daily drivable street manners. When you are ready to roll into the throttle, the engine is full of low end punch and comes to life with Honda's i-VTEC system. The high flow CNC cylinder head and high lift camshaft allow this engine to accelerate its 360hp aggressively beyond 9000 rpm. Lean into the throttle on an open road and the power and sound experience is liberating. All this with the peace of mind that you are commanding a durable and reliable engine.  Power is quoted conservatively on pump gasoline an popular street induction and header.  Race pieces will increase output.  Email Luke@team4piston.com for a shipping quote.  We ship worldwide.

  • LA Sleeve rigid ductile iron sleeve Honda K24 engine block 99mm stroke x 89.5mm bore
  • Saenz S-Series connecting rod
  • Wiseco Armor Plated 12.5:1 piston (optional 90mm and any compression up to 15:1 for more power)
  • ACL race bearings, ARP fastenters, exclusive 4P spec head gasket for better seal
  • 4P Pro 163 CNC Cylinder Head with Ferrea valves, vavle springs, retainers, and locks
  • 4P tool steel billet RR4 iVTEC camshafts
  • 4P Ported oil pump with baffled sump
  • All new Honda timing components and hardware
  • Complete engine valve cover to oil pan
  • Meticulously assembled and supplied with detailed build sheets

Recommended Use

  • Daily Street Use
  • Auto X
  • Track Use
  • Minumum 91 Octane Pump Gas / E85 / Race Fuel

Features and Benefits

  • Ductile Iron Sleeve for improved rigitity and an increase in displacement
  • Armor Plated Large Bore Forged Pistons and Forged Connecting Rods
  • Premium Valvetrain Components for Extended Durability
  • Precision Machined CNC Cylinder Head Designed for use throughout the powerband
  • Meticulously Assembled - Supplied with full engine specifications and tolerances
  • Recommend periodic maintenance procedures

When you purchase a 4 Piston Racing complete engine, you aren't just buying any run-of-the-mill engine package. You are investing in a fully developed and tested engine program that is designed not only for maximum power output, but also for maximum durability. Our engines are meticulously assembled with a great deal of pride in a clean environment, using the only the finest calibrated tools and by engine builders who specialize in performance racing applications. 50% payment with order, 50% due when engine is ready to ship.

Email Luke@team4piston.com for a shipping estimate