4 Piston Racing 37mm Intake Valve

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Introducing the only off-the-shelf 37mm 50 degree intake valve for your K-Series engine. Other aftermarket valve designs actually flow less than the OEM Honda valve of equal size. This valve flat out flows! Up to 7 cfm gain per valve over the same size 45 degree off the shelf valves and 25 cfm more than a stock size 45 degree valve. This valve also features a dished head for reduced weight, 7 grams lighter EACH than the 37mm ST valve.

Our valve was designed in house and has been tested in our own engines for years with high spring pressures and high rpm. These valves are always in stock here at 4 Piston Racing.

These valves are discounted to existing 4 Piston cylinder head owners and when purchased as a part of our CNC Cylinder heads!