4 Piston Racing RR4 Road Race Camshaft (K-Series)

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This is an aggressive road race cam that offers a huge and broad powerband that will pull a car off the corner at 2500 rpm if required, but carry power aggressively beyond 9000 rpm.  This camshaft was specifically designed for our 2.4L and 2.5L road race engine program to allow for a tame and mild idle that keeps some OEM drivability, but has an aggressive transition into VTEC where the engine should be raced.  The goal is for the driver to race the car on the race cam, but should you drop rpm through a corner, you aren't dead in the water.  The primary lobes will pull the car back up into the powerband and keep you in the race.

This cam is designed for 2.4L or larger engines with more than 12:1 compression.  It is not a big duration drag race cam, but will produce broad power and acceleration that will not leave you disappointed should you take your street or RR car down the 1320.  9 and low 10 second all motor 1/4 mile times have been achieved on this road race cam.  This is not for stock stroke K20 engines.  If you have a K20, please use our RR3 camshaft.

Intake Lift - 0.595"
Intake Duration - 266 @ 0.050"
Exhaust Lift - 0.550"
Exhaust Duration - 260 @ 0.050"

**special order available in single lobe for VTEC Killer setups**

Recommended Valve Spring:
4P High Performance Street Valve Spring Kit - GOOD OPTION
4P Advanced Performance RACE Valve Spring Kit - BEST OPTION
Ferrea Drag Race (shimmed 0.030") - Light Duty Road Race/Drag Race
Supertech H1021D - Light Duty Road Race/Drag Race
4 Piston 1001K PSI Pro Stock - Heavy Duty Race, light weight, long lasting, high rpm
Other springs kits and brands may be suitable. This is our best recommendation.

Recommended Rocker Arm:
OEM Honda Rocker Arm
Ferrea single roller rocker can be used with a special order VTEC Killer single lobe

4 Piston camshafts are Made in the USA from tool steel billet cores, by experts with over 50 years of camshaft design expertise. These cams are not only designed to make good power, but they are designed to promote long timing chain and tensioner life and proper valvetrain harmonics using the latest in camshaft design software.