4 Piston Racing Outlaw Turbo Camshaft (K-Series)

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This is a moderate lift and short duration camshaft that was designed for turbocharged engines, from 600 up to 1000+hp. This cam is made to order and takes 2-3 weeks to complete.

Recommended Valve Spring:
4P High Performance Street Valve Spring Kit - GOOD OPTION
4P Advanced Performance RACE Valve Spring Kit - BEST OPTION
Ferrea Drag Race (shimmed 0.030") - Light Duty Road Race/Drag Race
Supertech H1021D - Light Duty Road Race/Drag Race
4 Piston 1001K PSI Pro Stock - Heavy Duty Race, light weight, long lasting, high rpm
Other springs kits and brands may be suitable. This is our best recommendation.

Recommended Rocker Arm:
Ferrea Aluminum Roller Rocker for single lobe
OEM Honda Rocker Arms for 3 lobe and single lobe

4 Piston camshafts are Made in the USA from billet cores, by experts with over 50 years of camshaft design expertise. These cams are not only designed to make good power, but they are designed to promote long timing chain and tensioner life and proper valvetrain harmonics using the latest in camshaft design software.