4 Piston Racing 6mm Ultra High Temp Exhaust Valve Set (B-Series)

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Price is for 8 valves.

Introducing the 4 Piston Ultra High Temperature exhaust valve for extreme turbocharged applications. This is the first valve of its kind available for your Honda and is designed to combat exhaust valve distortion in engines producing extreme exhaust heat. Commonly used in engines over 1200hp or in those running highly oxygenated fuels, this valve can withstand 2600 degrees F and is five times the tensile strength of inconel alternatives. The valve has superior memory that allows it to return to its original shape as it cools.

Available in 6mm valve stem. The top of the valve will still utilize your existing 5.5mm retainer setup, so you can retain your existing valve spring and retainer setup.

We also sell an ultra high temp "stubby" exhaust guide that is ready for 6mm valve installation. You still hone the guide, but it is not a 5.5mm guide that you have to reem out to get the 6mm to fit.

These valves are IN STOCK and ship TODAY!