4P Race Oil Pan K20/K24

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The 4P Race oil pan is specifically designed to provide superior oiling during hard acceleration on the drag strip, and hard decel during braking and parachute pulls.  Its baffling also provides excellent performance in circuit applications.  The pan allows for 8 quarts of oil to be run so that you ALWAYS have sufficient oil at the pickup, yet it is far enough away from the crank that you do not suffer windage loss. This uses the stock windage tray, and also has its own windage separation for more power. The pan features anti-slosh baffles and a trap door to keep oil at the pickup of your 4P Ported K20/K24 Oil Pump. It also comes with an oil drain back port for forced induction applications, and includes a magnetic drain plug.

The pan is angled and designed to be used with Hasport Lean or Myers Competition Lean engine mounts. It can also be used with conventional mounts and does not have to be used only with lean mounts.

This pan is designed to be used with the 4P Ported K20/K24 Oil Pump.