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The 4P Peacemaker Jr. CNC Cylinder Head has been a dominant force in All Motor for years, having never lost an HDAY All Motor win since 2018 and never giving up the record.  If you are running something else, you are simply playing for second behind every racer that runs this.  Plain and simple you are going home round 1.  Our competition buys these and removes our logo or blurs them in their videos.

This head has an evolution over the years, so make sure you get the latest and greatest rendition from 4P.

Official ALL MOTOR World Record Holder


  • CNC Ported intake and exhaust ports
  • Manganese Bronze Valve Guides (16)
  • Oversized Intake Seats (8)
  • Precision CNC valve job using the latest NEWEN Fixed Turning technology
  • Resurface
  • 4P 37mm Intake Valves (8) 
  • 4P Custom Exhaust Valves (8)
  • Copper seats are only recommended for those using Titanium valves.  Otherwise they are not needed.

Recommended Use

  • Designed specifically for 2.5L to 2.7L drag race engines, serious max effort DRAG RACE ONLY!  Over 425whp Capable on stock stroke!
  • OGS All Motor World Record - Matt Monday - 9.35 @ 145 mph
  • WCF All Motor World Record - Brandon Jefferson - 9.29 @ 145 mph
  • ETs and race wins backed up by our many customers regardless of chassis or tuner.
  • 9 HDAY All Motor Titles have been won by Super99/PMjr powered race cars.
  • Fits PRB, PPA, and PPL Cylinder Head Castings.

Features & Benefits

  • 412+ CFM @ .650" lift and 15hp over the competition's best
  • Exclusive 4P custom 37mm Intake Valve that is lighter than the competition's smaller valves, flows more air, and makes more power.
  • Unique power producing exhaust port design and 4P proprietary valve produces 7-9hp over the competition
  • Slow-cut precision 5-axis cnc porting, second to none on machining quality.
  • Full length bronze manganese guide for valve stability.
  • Our intake port has very little turbulence and proper velocity when compared to our competitors. You can hear the difference on the bench!
  • Years in testing and development with PROVEN back to back results and records to show for it.
  • Our heads are all shipped with installation tips, a sheet of desired clearances for setting up your engine, and a flow chart from your head.

All heads require a core! You can send us your head, or purchase one from us at the current market price.