4P Nitromethane Piston and Rod COMBO - K24

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With growing interest in running the Honda K-Series on nitromethane and mixed fuels, we have developed a piston and rod package to specifically stand up to abuse that off the shelf setups are not designed to handle.  We have spent an extensive amount of time not only on the track, but on the engine dyno pushing these engines to the limit up to 100% nitromethane with high output ignition boxes, magneto ignition, and even basic OEM ignition. 

We worked with Wiseco piston engineers and top fuel engineers to strengthen these components for 4 digit nitro power.  The piston features an extra thick top, thick skirt that it pulled back for use with a big skirt, a DLC coated heavy duty tool steel wrist pins with buttons, and a heavy duty ring pack to keep your cylinders sealed up.

The MGP connecting rod is oversized for power levels exceeding 1500 and features an oversized aerospace rod bolt.

Don't wait 20 weeks for a custom setup when you can purchase our Nitro Specific package and have it shipped right away.

-88mm Pistons available for stock sleeve blocks
-90mm Pistons in stock for sleeved blocks
-Rods in stock for OEM 99mm Cranks and 106mm billet cranks