4P Outlaw EVO CNC Head

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Congrats to Procco for taking the 7 second EVO bounty on the 4P Outlaw EVO cylinder head, and all 7 second EVOs that have now reached that milestone using the 4P Outlaw EVO CNC Cylinder Head


  • CNC Ported intake and exhaust ports
  • Original Guides left in for porting
  • Precision CNC valve job using the latest NEWEN Fixed Turning technology
  • Resurface

Recommended Use

  • Road Race, Time Attack, Auto X
  • Drag Race
  • Street use and daily driving
  • Gasoline, E85, Ethanol, Methanol

Features & Benefits

  • Ports from 280 to 300+ CFM depending on your application
  • Slow-cut precision 5-axis cnc porting, second to none on machining quality.
  • Full length bronze manganese guide for valve stability
  • High velocity intake port design
  • Unique power producing exhaust port design.
  • Our heads are all shipped with installation tips, a sheet of desired clearances for setting up your engine, and a flow chart from your head.
  • Super Alloy valves are a hybrid incoloy that are 5 times the tensile strength of an inconel valve, less weight, and have better heat management properties. These valves have memory to return to their original shape as they cool.
  • PAC Enhanced valve springs are made in the USA and have gone through anti-fatigue processes for longer life and better valve control than the competition.

All heads require a core! Right now we are unable to effectively source good used cores, and we cannot get new cores from Mitsubishi.  You have to send your head in for porting.  Sorry for the inconvenience.