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Update 11/9/21

The 4P Billet CNC Race Head is the ultimate for those wanting to push the limits of cylinder pressure and horsepower levels.  If you are wanting to push power approaching or exceeding 2000hp, this is something you need to consider for its strength and rigidity.

We offer this head DRY and with water passages.  Please consider that you may want to run this completely dry in an alcohol engine at power levels listed above or with very high levels of nitromethane.  Our preference is a wet block with this head dry.  It is easy to tune and the wet block will help you to manage piston growth with heat.  Some guys choose to run both completely dry.

Our machining is absolute art, and these are proven pieces that have raced many times. 


  • CNC Ported intake and exhaust ports
  • Manganese Bronze Valve Guides (16)
  • Nickel Aluminum Bronze Intake Seats (8)
  • A3 Copper Beryllium Exhaust Seats
  • Precision CNC valve job using the latest NEWEN Fixed Turning technology
  • Resurface
  • 4P Super Alloy Intake Valves
  • 4P Super Alloy Exhaust Valves
  • This head with no water weighs 7 lbs MORE than an OEM head.  It is solid billet.

Recommended Use

  • Drag Race Turbo 1500-2500hp
  • Drag Race Nitromethane
  • Drag Race All Motor (this works for M1 cars as well)

There are not provisions for VTEC.  This is a pure race cylinder head for pure race cars.  They are made to order and lead time is 6 weeks.  Sometimes they are in stock, please inquire.