4 Piston S2000 F20/F22C 2.4-2.5L Stroker Kit

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This stroker kit is meant to run an OEM K24 crankshaft in an S2000 block. We offer this with various bore sizes but recommend the 89.5mm as our premium setup. It features a custom 4P Saenz I-beam lightweight steel long rod, and a Wiseco 3-ring Pro Endurance lightweight piston. The piston is a strutted box forging with 18mm tool steel wrist pin with raised compression height. The raised compression height and long rod allows us to reduce the side loading in the cylinder with the large bore. It is normal to run these engines to 9500+rpm for a good reliable setup.  Paired with our Pro S2k head and Cams, this setup can produce 350hp naturally aspirated.

-Available with or without crankshaft
-Lightweight I-Beam Connecting Rod
-Wiseco Pro Endurance Piston

87.5mm Piston makes 2381cc
89.5mm Piston makes 2491cc
90mm Piston makes 2519cc