Ferrea Valve Spring and Titanium Retainer Kits (B/H Series)

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This is a great spring for both all motor cars and high horsepower, high RPM turbocharged motors. We highly recommend the S10086 spring for any turbo application and it is a must for turbo drag cars turning 10,000 rpm and making around 1000hp.

Part Numbers

S10027 - Seat Pressure 100 lb, Max Lift 13.5mm
S10028 - Seat Pressure 55 lb, Max Lift 13.5mm
S10032 - Seat Pressure 80 lb, Max Lift 13.5mm
S10035 - Seat Pressure 65 lb, Max Lift 14mm
S10064 - Seat Pressure 95 lb, Max Lift 14mm
S10070 - Seat Pressure 80 lb, Max Lift 14mm
S10086 - Seat Pressure 110 lb, Max Lift 13mm (Recommended for high rpm turbo)
S10104 - Seat Pressure 80 lb Max Lift 13.5