4 Piston High Performance Street Valve Spring Kit (K-Series)

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4 Piston Racing is proud to introduce a superior valve spring at a realistic price point.  Many of the K-Series valve springs currently on the market were developed so long ago that they did not consider the RPM range and camshaft size of today's Honda K-Series performance engines.

We have developed this valve spring kit with high purity large diameter wire so that you can run any of the popular camshafts on the market and operate the engine at higher RPM without the risk of valve float.  The retainers are a premium Titanium manufactured right here on our Mazak SYNCREX Swiss lathe to tolerances that only this type of premium equipment can achieve.  You will be happy with the packaging and presentation, and even happier with the performance and longevity.


Seat Pressure - 110 lbs.
Max Lift - .650" (16.5mm)

**We have had some questions and comments regarding the higher seat pressure of these as opposed to other lower pressure offerings on the market.  The whole reason we made this product was because those lower pressure springs are insufficient to control the valve.  Our higher pressure spring is made to make your valvetrain last LONGER.**

The Kit Includes the Following
- 16 Dual Valve Springs
- 16 Spring Seat Locators
- 16 Titanium Retainers

You use any 7 degree valve lock (keeper) with these retainers.  OEM, Ferrea, Supertech, or 4P