4P Purple K-Series Ferrea Roller Rocker Arms

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Ferrea Roller Rocker arms not only reduce friction and valvetrain weight, they allow you to run a more aggressive camshafts. These rockers are 50% less mass than a an OEM steel Honda rocker arm. These rockers eliminate VTEC and allow you to run an aggressive "VTEC Killer" camshaft, and you also can run a 3 lobe traditional camshaft, but it will only use the center VTEC cam lobe. The weight savings will show up in increased horsepower at high rpm and the engine will hold and carry that power longer past peak.

The purple RR8000 4 Piston rockers is exclusively available through 4 Piston Racing. It features struts for improved rigidity and high quality lash adjusters that last longer than other brands. This rocker is essential if you are wanting to run camshafts over .600" lift.