4 Piston "Rooster Ring" B-Series Oil Pump Install Tool

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The 4P "Rooster Ring" Oil Pump Installation Tool is extremely convenient and is another carryover from the 4 Piston Clean Room bag of tricks for easy engine assembly.  What may seem like a simple task of bolting a B-Series oil pump down can actually be a daunting task to do properly and consistently with it being perfectly centered, and without folding the front seal over onto itself.  You'll often see guys trying to line these up and then picking at the seal with a small screwdriver or pick to get the folded edges out.  You'll also see guys that didn't pay attention bolt their pumps down and then their engine leaks like your college girlfriend.  We developed this tool make our lives easier in the build room.  An easy task is now actually easy and this saves time and trouble.

Simply slide the Rooster Ring onto the crank snout, then slide the oil pump over it into place.  It perfectly centers the pump, expands the lip seal and keeps it in the proper orientation helping it slide perfectly onto the crank.  No more fighting it.  Once you use it, you'll praise how this simple tool can make such a big difference.

B-Series is now Yellow due to a shortage of Prison Pink