4P 2.5L USAC Midget Race Engine

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The 4 Piston Racing USAC Midget Race Engine was specifically developed for National Level competition. The goal with this project is to open a door for competitors that are trying to get into national level competition, but the cost of entry for current top powerplants is just too far out of reach. It is also an opportunity for existing high budget teams to take a big chunk of their expenses on power out and redistribute that to other parts of their race program.  This is a pure race engine with some of the best components and it does make the power to run with and outrun some of the best offerings.  We believe we have put together a package that with equal car preparation will out accelerate any other offering.

This engine package is TURN KEY with ignition system, dry sump oil system, water pump, power steering pump, Injection and Fuel System, header, and Dyno Tested before shipment for $39,915.  Engine service costs are $6500 and can extend up to $9500 depending on what needs to be refreshed.  As we have learned, running up front at national events these engines are run much harder than local small series racers will run them.

  • Fully dressed engine weighs 230 lbs.
  • Valve Cover to Oil Pan, Complete Engine, Turn Key
  • R1i Ignition System with logging and lambda is standard
  • Motec Ignition System is optional at no extra cost (Constant Flow or EFI)
  • 154 Cubic Inches per USAC rules.  We do build these in other sizes smaller and larger for other countries and series regulations.
  • Electronic Fuel Injection is available if your series allows it.  Our engine mapping is exceptional.
  • Meticulously machined, assembled and dyno tested in Danville, Indiana
  • Ask the guys that run OUR Honda engine what they think...they love the power.

These are typically IN STOCK, but please contact us to check.

We ship worldwide.  Email Luke@team4piston.com for a shipping quote or for other inquiries