4P R403 K24Z R40 Billet Stage 3 Camshafts

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Introducing the 4P R40 Billet Stage 3 camshaft.  This camshaft is designed to be a a performance upgrade over our drop-in camshaft.  It can be used in a stock engine, but will require a valve spring upgrade to handle the lift and RPM.  All stock rocker assemblies and control systems are used.  

This is a very easy to install cam that allows you maximize horsepower in your K24Z R40 based engine and can produce 25-50whp gains depending on the engine combination and your tuner's ability.  On turbocharged applications, expect 75+whp gains at the same boost level.  The more the engine needs the airflow, the more the camshafts work.  You can also expect the powerband to be extended another 1500rpm.

This single port R40 cylinder head arrangement and the K24Z7 engine is one that the aftermarket has avoided for various reasons.  The reality is that it is used in many motorsports applications that demanded solutions for more power, and it has some serious benefits.  We set out to prove the viability of this engine and its ability to produce power WITH the single port exhaust arrangement.

They will produce more with our Pro R40 CNC Cylinder Head which outflows any stock 4 port conventional K20 head.

Dyno Tests shown are a built block with 12.8:1 compression, 4P Pro R40 CNC Cylinder Head, 4P R40 Camshafts and 93 octane PUMP GAS. 

328hp for the R402 DROP IN cam
344hp for the R403 Stage 3 cam
The engine used in testing was configured so that we could back to back the Pro R40, our R40 Race Casting, and a conventional 4 port, and various camshafts.  We have put a lot of development into this engine, and can offer you an engine package that suits your specific racing needs, or simply give you the parts for big performance gains for your 9th gen.