4P Pro TSX CNC Head

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This port was specifically designed for the smaller TSX port. It is a high flowing, small volume port with high air speed.



  • CNC Ported intake and exhaust ports
  • OEM Guides left in for porting 
  • Precision CNC valve job using the latest NEWEN Fixed Turning technology
  • Resurface

Recommended Use

  • All Motor Street and Race Engines
  • Perfect for stock to basic 2.0L engines
  • Perfect for 2.0L Road Race where midrange punch must be retained
  • Turbo and Supercharged
  • Suitable for all out 2.0-2.4L Road Race engines with high hp in mind and low end, off corner acceleration
  • This is our preferred cylinder head for SFWD and AWD Turbo cars exceeding 1000whp.  Also look at the Kingpin for extreme horsepower levels.

Features & Benefits

  • The RBB TSX heads have the smallest port and least material available for machining when compared to the other K-Series castings. This port was designed to fit in this casting, and takes a mediocre 275cfm cylinder head and transforms it into a 340+cfm race winner!
  • Slow-cut precision 5-axis cnc porting, second to none on machining quality.
  • 45 degree valve job designed for long life and durability.
  • Unique power producing exhaust port design.
  • Smaller intake port volume, high air speed port design.
  • Optional full length bronze manganese valve guide for valve stability.
  • Port walls are left extra thick for high boost applications when used in other castings.
  • Our heads are all shipped with installation tips, a sheet of desired clearances for setting up your engine, and a flow chart from your head.