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The stock K-Series oil pump is a great piece for up to 8,000 rpm. Past that, there can be cavitation issues and oil pressure drops as temperatures rise. Our ported pump increases flow by 25% and will allow continuous use above 9,000 rpm. The pump has been tested well over 11,000 rpm with great success. We start with a brand new OEM oil pump from Honda, disassemble, port and smooth oil passages to increase flow, and modify the outside housing so that it can be used on all K24 and K20 engines (including the K20Z3). The pumps are then cleaned, oiled, reassembled and repackaged. This part is cheap insurance to protect your multi-thousand dollar investment.

This pump has some advantages over the S2K pumps that are commonly used. The pickup is further forward, and lower in the pan, and it frees up an additional 1-2hp. This is the chosen pump for all of our racing engines for many of these reasons.

Installation Kits are available in the Options Menu for K20Z3 and K24 applications.
Installation Kit Includes:
-Oil Chain
-Chain Guide
-Windage Tray

Installation instructions with photos are included with all pumps.

The PRL Swap Kit is for K24Z3 and K24Z7. It is a lot of work to put it on, but the pump is necessary for operation over 8000 rpm. Anyone that can read instructions and do minor engine work can accomplish this easily.