4 Piston Racing Carbon Fiber Airbox

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The 4 Piston Racing carbon fiber air box is designed for All Motor K-Swap race cars with Lean engine mounts and Kinsler ITBs. The mounting plates can accommodate ITB sizes up to 73.6mm.

This air box was designed by Jackson Myers and offers superior performance over any other box on the market. A proper air box does much more than direct air to the trumpets. Pressure waves from in and around the bellmouths of the ITB trumpets can produce unpredictable flows within the airbox and drastically affect the performance of each individual cylinder. This air box design takes into consideration the engine configuration and rpm range, and works to maximize performance in this application. It is common to bolt the air box onto a stationary engine without and vehicle movement, and without the use of a fan to facilitate vehicle movement, and to see up to 10 horsepower gains throughout the usable upper rpm range. More performance benefit can be realized in a moving race car at speed.

This air box currently powers ALL of the fastest ALL MOTOR Hondas in the world.

MADE IN THE USA and available exclusively from 4 Piston Racing