4 Piston K-Series Adjustable Cam Gears

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4 Piston K-Series Cam Gears are THE highest quality gears on the market, with an innovative design to help you during the cam degree process. Not only can they be used in the same manner as a traditional cam gear, they also feature alignment holes with an alignment tool that allows you to move it an exact number of degrees, put the pin in to align it, then tighten the bolts. If you want to advance 2 degrees, move the gear 2 on the face, slide the pin in, and it will move exactly 2 degrees.

Not only does this save you time during the cam degree process, you can also offer your customers different settings for their cam centerlines with simple instructions to move to a specific pin location, slide the alignment pin in, and tighten the gears down. It removes any margin of human error and ensures that they get their valve timing events exactly where you asked them to be.

Why are 4P Gears Better?

  • ARP fasteners that are larger for increased holding strength
  • 175 grams lighter than competitive offerings, but with stronger materials and design
  • Innovative cam degree system where the markings actually mean something
  • MADE IN THE USA, with USA Billet Steel
  • Available as a Single -or- as a Pair