4 Piston K-Series Extreme Race Chain Guides

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4 Piston Extreme Race Chain Guides are one of the biggest breakthroughs EVER for K-Series engines.  This is the Achilles heel of this engine, and  you can now consider it resolved.  Honda's timing system is perfectly fine for lower rpm operation with stock camshafts and pump gasoline.  In a harsh racing environment, we have increased the RPM substantially, raised the spring pressures to handle this RPM, have installed camshafts with massive lift, and use fuels that contaminate the oil and break down the OEM chain guide.  A stock chain guide cannot handle the rpm.  The plastic starts moving back and for erratically and begins to stretch.  The racing fuels break down the plastic and soften it until it fails.

Our one-piece design eliminates the movement of the guide against the aluminum and is made of a space-age material that is much stronger than aluminum, but is not broken down by ANY fuels including methanol and nitromethane.  The chain rides in a guided channel and the path of the chain has been altered to eliminate slap from the chain under extreme RPM conditions.  You can race on these guides for YEARS and when you take them out of the engine they will look brand new.  This can save you thousands of dollars per year in chain, guide, and tensioner maintenance....and much more by eliminating this critical failure point in these engines.

Why are these better than other attempts at chain guides?

  • The one-piece design eliminates the guide moving back and forth against the metal.
  • We didn't just duplicate a stock guide of alternate materials, we reshaped it to control the chain motion at high rpm.
  • Others use material to be compatible with fuels, but the plastic is brittle and fails faster than even a stock guide.
  • Race on it, and take a look....you cannot see any wear on these guides after use.  This material is super expensive, and used in all sorts of extreme applications....even replacement for critical human bones.
  • MADE IN THE USA 100%