4P TR3 Racing Camshafts - K20C1 Type R

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**IMPORTANT**  These are currently made to order.  The demand for these exceeds our current production capability.  When you order these, please expect a 4 week lead time.  We MAY at times have them available to ship immediately, but plan on waiting the time for us to make them when you place an order

The 4P TR3 racing camshaft was specifically designed for our 2.0L K20C1 race engine program. The primary lobes allow for a stock idle and tame drivability perfectly suitable for everyday use in traffic, but with significant power gains over stock.  You will experience a much more audible and traditional VTEC crossover that was lost in the OEM K20C1 and much more RPM capability over an OEM camshaft. 

Gains of 40-60+hp are realized through the RPM range, and more as you continue to pull beyond 8000 rpm.   Camshafts are supplied with cam card and VTC limiting pins with detailed photo for their placement.

Intake Lift - 0.437"
Intake Duration - 222 @ 0.050"
Exhaust Lift - 0.446"
Exhaust Duration - 214 @ 0.050"

**Aftermarket Valve Springs are Required for the TR3 Camshaft.  They will coil bind a stock valve spring**

Recommended Valve Spring:
Ferrea KT4033 and KT4038 are acceptable

Recommended Rocker Arm:
OEM Honda Rocker Arm

Camshaft Test Data

(7) K20C1 Camshaft Testing - Unlocking the RPM, sound, and power we all love in a Honda Racing Engine | 2016+ Honda Civic Forum (10th Gen) - Type R Forum, Si Forum - CivicX.com


4 Piston camshafts are Made in the USA by experts with over 50 years of camshaft design expertise. These cams are not only designed to make good power, but they are designed to promote long timing chain and tensioner life and proper valvetrain harmonics using the latest in camshaft design software.