K20-KT1200 2.1L Complete Engine - SFWD Turbo Race Engine

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The 4 Piston Racing KT1200 Crate Engine is specifically designed for SFWD and Outlaw Class turbocharged race cars looking to exceed 1200hp.  This engine is meticulously assembled with the best components to ensure that you can go round after round pushing 60+psi boost.  There are other engines on the market that get some cars down the track, but the devil is in the details of this engine.  We want you to have the same power on your 75th pass as you did on your 1st.  A purpose built cylinder head with a valve job that is designed to withstand abuse, matched up with a tool steel billet turbo cam that carries power into 11k rpm.  You will notice this engine is more responsive on gear changes allowing you to stay in the meat of the powerband.  Considerations are made for your team when they do have to perform maintenance between rounds with all of our engine block surfaces being deburred and smoothed for no cut hands.  Take your SFWD race program to the next level with an engine that was specifically designed to put you at the top. Email Luke@team4piston.com for a shipping quote.  We ship worldwide.

  • LA Sleeve rigid ductile iron sleeve with o-ring
  • 4P GRP Solid Beam turbo rod with bolt upgrade
  • Arias Outlaw flat top piston with tool steel wrist pin
  • ACL race bearings, ARP L19 fastenters, exclusive 4P spec head gasket for better seal
  • 4P Pro 156v2 CNC Cylinder Head with Ferrea super alloy plus valves, valve springs, retainers, and locks
  • 4P tool steel billet Outlaw Turbo iVTEC camshafts and adjustable cam gears
  • 4P Ported oil pump and baffled sump
  • All new Honda timing components and hardware
  • Complete engine valve cover to oil pan
  • Meticulously assembled and supplied with detailed build sheets

Recommended Use

  • Max effort race engine
  • VP C85 or Methanol recommended
  • K20 or K24 available

Features and Benefits

  • Startup Warranty - Extended Warranty Available
  • Ductile Iron Sleeve for improved rigitity and an increase in displacement
  • Premium Valvetrain Components for Extended Durability
  • Precision Machined CNC Cylinder Head Designed for use throughout the powerband
  • Meticulously Assembled - Supplied with full engine specifications and tolerances
  • Recommend periodic maintenance procedures

When you purchase a 4 Piston Racing complete engine, you aren't just buying any run-of-the-mill engine package. You are investing in a fully developed and tested engine program that is designed not only for maximum power output, but also for maximum durability. Our engines are meticulously assembled with a great deal of pride in a clean environment, using the only the finest calibrated tools and by engine builders who specialize in performance racing applications. We offer the ONLY complete engine in the industry with a startup warranty, and if installed and tuned by one of our authorized installers, these engines carry an extended warranty. Ask about our 3 month payment plan.

Email Luke@team4piston.com for a shipping estimate