4P 2.0L K20C1 Race Engine *Stage 4*

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4 Piston Racing K20C1 Crate Engine

  • 85.9mm Stroke x 86m Bore
    (optional 88mm bore for Motec)
  • 4P Ductile Iron Sleeve Cylinder Sleeve Block
  • 4P Lightweight Forged I-Beam Connecting Rod
  • 4P Wiseco Forged 10:1 Piston
  • ACL Race Bearings
  • 4P TR Racing Camshafts
  • 4P CNC Ported Race Cylinder Head
  • Newen CNC Race Spec Valve Job
  • Ferrea Competition Plus Valves
  • Ferrea Valve Springs, Titanium Retainers, Spring Seats, and Valve Locks
  • High Temp Viton Valve Seals
  • 4P Oil System
  • Balanced and Blueprinted

The 4P Stage 4 engine offers more power and rpm capability over an OEM engine configuration through 120+CFM improvements in the cylinder head and a race developed 4P Camshaft.  Expect 50+hp gains over the OEM engine with an equal turbocharger, and where the stock engine leans over before redline, this engine keeps building power and acceleration.  This engine also features a thick and rigid ductile iron sleeve as used in our world record holding K and B engines.  This sleeve stays true under extreme race conditions where the OEM cylinder sleeve will go out of round and begin to taper under heavy loads.  The connecting rod used in this engine will sustain 1200+hp.  Durability is increased with stronger components, allowing larger turbos to be used over 1000hp, but is also useful for long life in lower horsepower endurance race applications.