4P K20C1 Type R CNC Race Cylinder Head

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Matching the proper cylinder head and induction to your application is critical in the K20C1 turbo engine program. This is a very responsive engine at low rpm, and Honda carries this power up towards 7000 rpm. The 4 Piston Racing CNC Ported Cylinder Head is for the enthusiast that is looking to improve efficiency and power delivery over the factory Honda engine. This head has proven to improve spool of the stock turbo, allowing it to come in even earlier than the stock tumble port! This cylinder head will allow the same power to be made at less boost pressure and more power to be made once your system is maximized. Peak output is still limited by the OEM fuel system and turbo if you are still using them, and IF you max those both out. This cylinder head improves performance, and really gives you a solid platform to move into a larger turbo and more RPM in the future.  CFM output is Nearly Doubled.

The exhaust port is modified to increase flow and lower backpressure when used with a larger turbo, however it is not ported in areas that are prone to cracking with high exhaust heat.

Overall streetability and fuel economy is maintained with this head. We have removed the tumble port design in favor of a more conventional 4 valve performance cylinder head orientation, but the overall dimensions and port volume has been kept the same as to maintain the broad RPM range performance of the mighty K20C1 engine.

  • Jet Wash and Soda Blast
  • Crack check and inspection
  • CNC Porting of Intake and Exhaust ports (CFM is drastically improved!!)
  • Newen CNC single point performance valve job
  • Surface
  • Assembly
  • This pricing is based on you sending your head in for porting and service. If you would like to purchase a new OEM Honda Cylinder Head Assembly for us to port, then select that option below.

Install Ferrea Competition Plus Valves and a Ferrea Valve Spring Kit for added durability at high rpm, and the ability to handle much more exhaust temperature than the stock valve. OEM Valvetrain failures have been documented with continued use at high rpm in endurance racing applications or during missed shifts.