4P K20C1 Type R Cylinder Head Performance Rebuild

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Matching the proper cylinder head and induction to your application is critical in the K20C1 turbo engine program. This is a very responsive engine at low rpm, and Honda carries this power up towards 7000 rpm. If you are wanting to keep these stock-like characteristics, but improve the high rpm durability and control valve float, then the STAGE 1 4 Piston Cylinder Head is for you. The ports are left untouched as to not affect the fuel economy and stock mannerisms of the DI tumble port. It does include cleaning of your cylinder head, a Newen CNC single point performance valve job, and resurface.

Install Ferrea Competition Plus Valves and a Ferrea Valve Spring Kit for added durability at high rpm, and the ability to handle much more exhaust temperature than the stock valve. OEM Valvetrain failures have been documented with continued use at high rpm in endurance racing applications or during missed shifts.

This is a Stock Head Rebuild with NO PORTING