Skunk2 Ultra Camshafts (K-Series)

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Up to 80 hp gains with Skunk2’s Ultra Series line of camshafts, our professional line of high-lift, racing camshafts for Honda’s K-series VTEC engines. Ultra Camshafts are designed to optimize mid-range and top-end horsepower and torque, with peak power moved up the RPM band. As a result, VTEC crossover is seamless, allowing for the broadest powerband possible. No other line of racing camshafts even comes close to Skunk2’s Ultra Series. What's more, Ultra Camshafts are also the perfect addition to any high-output, turbocharged engine.

Skunk2’s Ultra Series Camshafts for Honda’s K-series engines dramatically increase both horsepower and torque yet retain complete valvetrain stability and exceptional engine response. Ideal for heavily modified engines, Ultra Series Camshafts are manufactured from proprietary, high-quality forged tool steel cores, are CNC ground, and feature patent-pending profiles with unique lobe shapes and revolutionary lift, velocity, and acceleration characteristics.

Part Numbers

Ultra 1 - High HP turbo or stock block K24.
Ultra 2 - High compression pump gas street engine.
Ultra 3 - High compression pump gas or E85 street engine.
Ultra 4 - Aggressive high compression race engine still utilizing 3 lobe VTEC function. High comp race engine.