4P Ported B-Series Oil Pump

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The stock oil pump is a great piece for up to 9,000 rpm in drag racing and 8,000 rpm in endurance racing. Past that, there can be cavitation issues and oil pressure drops as temperatures rise. Our ported pump increases flow by 25% and will allow continuous use above 9,000 rpm. The pump has been tested as high as 12,000 rpm with great success. We start with a brand new OEM oil pump from Honda, disassemble, port and smooth oil passages to increase flow. The pumps are then cleaned, oiled, reassembled and repackaged. This part is cheap insurance to protect your multi-thousand dollar investment.

Fits all B-Series Engines!

Add a 4P Rooster Ring to help with the install! Simply slide the Rooster Ring onto the crank snout, then slide the oil pump over it into place.  It perfectly centers the pump, expands the lip seal and keeps it in the proper orientation helping it slide perfectly onto the crank.  No more fighting it.  Once you use it, you'll praise how this simple tool can make such a big difference.