EFI Technology Honda Midget Ignition

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Don't fuss with piecing together your ignition system.  4 Piston supplies a complete bolt-on kit to make this easy for you.

The R1i is a programmable Ignition approved by USAC, POWRi and ARDC for Midget racing engines and can direct drive up to four external coils.

The enclosure is extruded 6061 aluminium that is environmentally sealed and features a Mil-spec 19 pin main connector.

  • Enclosure: Extruded 6061
  • Outputs: Four channel
  • Voltage: 450 volts
  • Spark Energy: 105 mj/spark
  • RPM range: 13,500 rpm

Included in the box

  • EFI R1i Ignition Box
  • Wire Harness with o2 provisions
  • o2 sensor
  • R1i magnetic pickup
  • Bosch twin coil
  • 4P sensor mounting brackets for Honda Front Timing Cover
  • 4P modified trigger wheel
  • Preloaded with a Honda K24 friendly ignition tables for methanol and USAC legal RPM limit.  It is a good starting point for the dyno and will race.