Vein Honda/Acura Engine Stand

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Engine Stand Kit Includes:

3" Hard rubber locking wheels
Removable Stand Legs with Locking Hardware
(4) lock washers and bolts for wheel mounting
(4) OEM style bolts for engine mounting
Grey Vein Powder coating for added Durability
Total Weight 14.8 lb

Our #1 selling engine stand to date! This particular K-Series engine stand was designed to accommodate a chassis utilizing Lean engine mounts. (Meyers, Hasport, Hybrid, Prayonto.) This stand rocks the engine forward to the same degree it sits in the chassis using the mentioned mounts. This aspect of the stand allows for you to roll the cart into your engine bay and bolt directly up to mounts. Or in the case of removing your engine, simply attach the stand to your engine and unbolt directly onto it also. Another key purpose of the stand is that you can mount your flywheel, clutch, and transmission while mounted on the stand. This gives you a completely mobile swap to maneuver around. You can also complete simple tasks such as accessory swaps or installations, cleaning, even assembling your top end if necessary while mounted on the stand. Storing and transporting, even shipping with our engine stands also works great!