1650cc Direct Injection Fuel Injectors

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These high flow fuel injectors are a 45% increase in flow over the OEM fuel injector allowing you to push the limits on horsepower with your Civic Type R, Accord, or other K20C1 powered vehicle without adding the complexity of port injection. Keep your car 100% direct injection only! These injectors can be installed in 30-40 minutes. Pair this with our high flow fuel pump for 600hp with DI only. Not only does this open the door to higher horsepower levels, it allows you to do it safely with acceptable air fuel ratios. There have been some 450hp dyno charts posted while leaning hard on the OEM fuel system with race gas and very lean air fuel ratios. This fuel system allows you to keep your air fuel ratios safe....its not just for glory pulls on the dyno you can actually race your car hard on this system with room to spare.

There is support for fuel injectors with the OEM ECU.

We are making these to order, so please allow 2 weeks for delivery if you are an early adopter. As demand increases these will be offered as in-stock items.

Email Luke@team4piston for International Orders