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4P Pro 163 in 4P Race Casting Promo


  • Brand new 4P Race Casting
  • CNC Ported intake and exhaust ports 400CFM
  • Bronze valve guides, profiled for increased flow and full length for valve stability
  • Oversized Intake Seats (8) New Exhaust Seats (8) (iron seats)
  • Precision CNC valve job using the latest NEWEN Fixed Turning technology
  • 100% CNC Combustion Chamber
  • Resurface

Recommended Use

  • All Motor Street 
  • USAC Midget
  • High HP open class Road Race
  • 2.4L+ Displacement Naturally Aspirated Engines 
  • E85, Methanol, Gasoline
  • YES these can be run on high hp turbo engines since it is our thick wall casting!!!
  • If you are competitively racing and you are running one of our competitor's heads, make the switch and let the results do the talking

Features & Benefits

  • 400 CFM Intake Port 
  • Slow-cut precision 5-axis cnc porting, second to none on machining quality.
  • Utilizes a 4 Piston 50 degree 37mm valve which flows better and weighs 7 grams less per valve than other 37s on the market.
  • Precision CNC valve job using the latest NEWEN Fixed Turning technology
  • Full length bronze manganese guide for valve stability.
  • Our intake port has very little turbulence and great velocity when compared to our competitors. You can hear the difference on the bench!
  • Unique power producing exhaust port design.
  • Our heads are all shipped with installation tips and a sheet of desired clearances for setting up your engine.
  • Balanced combustion chamber developed after hundreds of dyno pulls on various engine combinations and a decade of racing at the top.
  • New Oversized valve seats available in steel and copper beryllium.
  • PRB and RBC/RSP water arrangement available.

Casting Design Features

As OEM castings have gone out of production, those in the field have aged and worn, and the demands on our race engines have increased, we needed to develop a superior alternative to OEM.  The 4P Race Casting is superior in every way. Exclusively available at 4P.

  • Made IN THE USA from A356-T6 Aluminum
  • These "porting castings" give us a clean slate to put any port size and shape we choose, and offer a "full cleanup"
  • We machine a wide variety of combustion chamber shapes and sizes to suit your application.
  • Port wall thickness is increased over OEM dramatically to allow us to run larger ports and move them around for high rpm applications.  Increased port wall thickness also allows for extreme boost applications.
  • Extra thick deck for increased rigidity and high boost handling capabilities.
  • Superior cooling through 3D printed water jackets
  • All heads accept VTEC and non-VTEC arrangement with OEM or aftermarket components.
  • These race ported heads are 100% designed, machined, and finished in house at 4 Piston Racing.  We will build you the head you need for your race or street program.
  • Heads available in PRB and RSP/RBC Style water jacket arrangements.
    • R40 K24Z heads available in 4 Port Exhaust Configurations to fit ANY of our Port Designs.